Planting plans

We all know that plants are not cheap and planting part or all of a border is a financial investment. Catherine has over 15 years of planting experience to provide you with the right plant for the right place as well as effective planting combinations.  A mood board showing a selection of plants that will thrive in an existing or totally new border is a economical and cost effective way of using her plant knowledge.

A planting plan will give you a comprehensive guide to your planting, showing exactly where each plant is to be placed along with a maintenance guide to help with aftercare.

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Planting to incorporate existing trees


This planting plan was designed to incorporate existing trees that we wanted to keep. The planting had a lot of white flowers and light foliage to show up in the shade and bulbs to make use of higher light levels before the leaves emerged in Spring.

We usually expect a garden to start to reach a certain maturity after three years when different heights and textures start to become more obvious.


A huge source of inspiration

“Catherine has been a huge source of inspiration and guidance in planning my small town garden, guiding my choice of plants so that they have the right conditions for healthy growth, and ensuring I have colour and variety all year round.  She has motivated and helped me with the many important seasonal tasks needed to be done to maintain the garden and, not least, has made it enjoyable and fun.

Carole, Henleaze.

A place of beauty

“Catherine has transformed my little courtyard garden, creating a place of beauty and refreshment with her imaginative planning and her extensive knowledge of plants. She clearly enjoys her work and starts each project with a sensitive approach to the space and plants already established. I cannot recommend her work too highly.” 

Dharmavajri, Saltford